by Soluntra King

A mandala is a painting, drawing or structure that is created in a circle, with symmetrical circles and patterns radiating out from the centre, this series of concentric forms creates a passageway between dimensions within the Earth and Universe, the macrocosm and microcosm, the mandala, inter-dimensional gateway unifies them all.

The circle is the eternal flow of cosmic energy that flows within and without, like the 'in breath' and the 'out breath', it is the pulsating circle that infuses all of life. It is the symbol of the All that Is, the Universe, the elements, the four directions, the four winds, the stars and planets and the cosmos all being encompassed in this divine dance and flow of life. So when we look at a mandala it resonates with our all-knowing self and triggers unity consciousness.

Or we work within a mandala like a medicine wheel, or grow our plants in one, having stepped into a scared space we are given the opportunity to step through the gateway, resonating with wholeness, all the energies are in balance, Heaven and Earth merge.

The word 'Mandala' originates from the Sanskrit and means holy, magical, or sacred circle and they have been used for thousands of years in Earths’ known history and eternally in 'cosmic time', as all of creation is a mandala. Observe in nature the flower, the fruits, a birds’ nest, a spiders’ web, snow crystals, a cross section of a twig, an eye, the cells of the human body, the Galaxies and the Earth, and the cycle of the Moon are all living mandalas. The mandala is the symbol of the round of life and death of the cosmic procession of beings, planets and stars, of earthly seasons and galactic.

Now their full potential is starting to be awakened and expressed, assisting us on our journey of wholeness, we are evolving like the mandala, as we go into the centre we know the whole. The mandala symbolises our return to world unity and the sisterhood/brotherhood of love for all humanity. The energy moved out into the four directions, now it is moving back in, into oneness, wholeness and the One Heart.


By looking at a mandala, its colours, shapes and energy go through into the first consciousness where they create shifts in consciousness to a more positive, lighter, whole vibration. Facilitating a connection in consciousness, working specifically on the particular attributes of the one that you have chosen to look at.

The colours of the mandala have subtle to powerful influences on the physical, material, mental and spiritual energies within an individual or the environment. Each colour and shapes of colours are vibrating at certain frequencies that enhance, calm, clear, change, charge, uplift, revitalise and trigger our atoms and inner consciousness. Receiving these light-wave frequencies through the eyes and skin, this then stimulates the glands and corresponding chakras within the body, the mind and spirit of a person. Mandalas assist in triggering our own inner healing powers to their full potential for balance and peace. The mandala is used for centring, orientation, purification, construction, absorption, destruction, reintegration and actualisation and are transformational gateways of unity.

Mandalas are powerful tools to use on their own and can be used not only adults, but children, animals and in the environment. You do not need to be a metaphysician to use them, as they are catalysts that activate our own inner healing power and connection to Source within, as well as within animals and assist to harmonise environments in order to express their higher light octaves. The blind can also use them, as we not only absorb the vibrations of the colours and patterns through our eyes, but through the skin and all our energy field, they can be used by looking at them or placing them on the body, in the environment and holding them.

Mandalas are a vibrational healer like Flower, Gem, Star, Leaf Essences and are also a form of colour healing that harmonises the body, the emotions, mind and soul to its frequency of wholeness.

Mandalas are catalysts to open up the gateway of your own inner potential.

For more on mandalas and how they work and some testimonials please see here. I have used them for almost 30 years with great success in my own inner unification, in workshops and journeys worldwide and bigger picture work. Many other facilitators of healing use them with their clients.

The Evenstar, Inner Pathway , Living Light, Gateway and Sun Mandalas I have co-created with some samples below with their sound codes are all painted with great focus, clarity, and love, encoded with the specific Light vibrations and divine healing energy being utilised for each particular mandala. They emanate powerful healing and transformational energies, the combination of pattern, colours and energy created in each mandala are catalysts of transmutation, healing, transformation, activation, awakening, unifying and upliftment.

The mandalas facilitate connections in consciousness and are not working on the intellectual level, but as a vehicle for concentrating the mind so that it may pass beyond its usual fetters going through into our true being. Resonating with the particular vibrations needed to open us up, calm us, unify us, lighten us, bringing wholeness and focusing us in some way, they are connecting us to all our consciousness and are pure energy.


Making the sounds of the light codes language of the mandala brings in its harmonic resonance, it activates and clears blocked energy and resistance, and actualises the positive qualities through your energy field.

So by using the sounds of the mandalas as well as those that come from your heart will assist you greatly in situations in your life, clearing places, awakening and unifying yourself and as a catalyst to assist another to unify.

You will find that the sounds are the catalyst for your connection to your own divinity, for bringing back harmony, for clearing, unifying and actualising the positive reality of love that is your divine heritage. The light codes language awakens you out of your slumber of illusion as the vibrations of the tones of the light language literally switch on the light within your memory banks and activate the DNA. We are moving from two strands of DNA as a slave locked into 'tick tock' and the illusion created by fear and limitation to 40,000 strands and beyond, unlimited, our self as a solar being vibrating at the level of a Central Sun, a Creator Goddess/God creating Heaven on Earth.

Below are a few samples of my mandalas and with the sound codes I have sung in the number of rounds required for each mandala. If you would like to see all the mandalas sets available please see all the mandalas available here. See also the mandalas of the Chakras and Light Bodies and DVD of the activation of the chakras and light bodies of animated mandalas and mandalas for DNA activations.

May you always be blessed with the connection to the Source within, to your divine love and radiant self, shinning bright and holding the Beam from the peace and stillness within.

In the One Heart love Soluntra

RED for strength, high energy and passion

PINK for love, intuition and the feminine

ORANGE for creativity, transformation, self-awareness and intuition

YELLOW for learning, wisdom, laughter and happiness

GREEN for physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature and caring

BLUE for emotional healing, inner peace and meditation

PURPLE for all things spiritual

WHITE for spiritual focus

BLACK for mystery, deep thinking and individuality

Aligned and Fearless.mp3

Cosmic Timeclock.mp3

Integration of DNA Activation.mp3

Greater Central Sun.mp3

Immersed in the Cosmic Ocean.mp3

Transmutation of Liquid Light DNA.mp3

One Earth One Heart.mp3

Remembrance of our Origins.mp3

Resolution of Duality.mp3

Transcending My Limitations.mp3

Transmuting Karma Programs from DNA & Grids.mp3