The higher the frequency in the person the higher quality their perception of reality will be. Perception of things is not reality, it's the filter we see reality through. Our purpose in this cycle of existence as musicians working in frequency is to align our perception to the reality which exists which is truth. We decide what we want the truth to be and look at what it is but what it is turns out to be is something different altogether. Having this knowledge we humbly apply this principle to every piece of music we compose, arrange and perform to present our truth to the world

1. When we are no longer beholden to the manifestation of fear, co-dependency's and judgment of others in our energy fields our Hologram operates from the Parental Perspective where we have the power to draw pleasurable events and experiences from the future into the now. This is achieved by no longer being reactionary in our physical and mental bodies.

04 Call Of Anubis_432Hz.mp3

2. As we transmute the behavioral patterns of the past and no longer operate within the student modality. Our energy field no longer exists within the recycled program and so our lightbody is charged with the particles of our higher vibration to empower future events.

Lightbody Interaction Master1.mp3

3.The surrounding energy that stimulates and generates the higher vibration in our Etheric field connects us in the wholeness and oneness of nature and first source. In that connectivity we are imbued with the same capabilities and skills as the creator because the emotional density of our cosmology is predetermined by a self perpetuating process that we can consciously override in our programming.


4.The world and the cosmology that contains it is all made up of energy. When we consciously operate outside of the duality paradigm we transcend the limitations of the construct into a new dimension of conscious reality. In this new dimension we unify our energy field and amplify the ripples of those selfless actions into the conscious waves of tomorrow.

Sentient Energy Final MIX.mp3

5. With all the overhead activity of different types of space craft nestling in the clouds over Bolivia in Tiwanaku and La Paz as well as the sacred mountain and lake this song represents the protective nature of these beings who are keeping a watchful eye on humnaity to make sure that those who are called to serve selflessly are held energetically and supported by the elements where needed.

Spaceships in the Clouds.mp3

6.We all have the ability to transcend our mortal boundary beyond the 3D construct as eternal energised light bodies. The key is to ensure that our actions within our emotional state do not reflect our attachment to the ego and self perpetuating deception of gratifying it at every level. The mantra offered here is one of simpler unity and harmony with nature and mother universe. We ask for guidance from the mother to keep our mission pure and without attachment to the matrix.

The Mission.mp3

8.As the unity and harmony of our world is challenged more each day we come to better understand that the depth of the chaos that surrounds us is predetermined by the frequency at which we operate. All humanity vibrates at a different frequency and the artisans and musicians of the planet have an obligation to present their truth in a frequency that empowers and embodies the higher vibration that transcends the boundary's of language and understanding through the power of sound. The Schumann resonance that surrounds the planet is currently vibrating at 110hz which has never happened in the evolution of the earth.

LANDR-Frequency Wars MIX2.mp3

9. To see past the distortion filters in the Duality paradigm we need to look within our behavioral patterns to see where embedded codes from previous imprints may have grounded us to act and be the way we are in this conscious reality. I call this journey within a return to the Crystal Caverns of our original source code for life.

Crystal Caverns 432Hz.mp3

10.Extra Sensory Perception was a sense that once existed within the genetic template but as each layer of the deceptive barrier technology was introduced to the hologram the sense disappeared altogether. As we transcend our mortal boundary into a new dimension of conscious reality by operating solely from the Parental Perspective we begin to rebuild within our subconscious mind what is known as the Seventh Sense of perceptive reality. Many beings on the planet are in the process of convening with their higher vibration in the humble way they are aware of the thoughts they think, the words they speak and their diligence to raise their sonic vibration to new heights in order to empower their higher selves and pass on this wisdom to others.