Gateway to Heaven 432Hz

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In honor of the original custodians of the land, Karno and the Ramindjeri set a wheel in motion that proves beyond a doubt that we the human race were seeded from the Pleiades and a great crystal spear thrown from the constellation to embed itself in Uluru at the site "Ayers Rock". This album takes the many stories from these ancient original people of this land and focuses on both the Ramindjeri, Githubal and Bundjalung tribes to gives these ancient star messengers of law, purity and truth a voice to share with the world. Featuring the many talents of Jarmbi Githubal, Maidstone, Lewis Walker, Orlando Allen and a cast of thousands walking the pathway of the dreaming to awaken to spread unconditional love and the truth of our humble origins on planet earth.

01 The Pleiades Journey_432Hz.mp3

02 Gargangalah_432Hz.mp3

03 Opening Smoking Ceremony_432.mp3

04 Call Of Anubis_432Hz.mp3

05 Purity of Heart_432Hz.mp3

06 Bring the Rain_432Hz.mp3

07 The Three Spirits_432Hz.mp3

08 Life Anew_432Hz.mp3

09 Gateway to Heaven_432Hz.mp3