Who are we?

People just like you.... who have come to understand that sound frequency is the basis and scientific foundation of all wholeness with nature and our direct connection to source.

Sound frequency transcends all boundaries and becomes the language of the cosmos based in math and sacred geometry to reconnect our human system to the source of our humble origins.

By simply listening to your favorite music (language of mother earth) on your favorite playback system with a decent set of closed ear headphones you are honouring frequency and in response the universe is rewarding you with better health and vitality.

Let us show you how you can improve that even more on a day to day basis by tuning in to the 432Hz healing frequency with your music.

Listen to your cells awaken in the frequency bank below

Frequency Bank.mp3


Transference - The New Paradigm

Be Apart Of The Purity Of Heart Experience

Healing Through Music